size 8 and dj mo
size 8 and dj mo

Size 8 is not a happy woman at all after her hubby, DJ Mo called her out for not being submissive in the house.

According to the gospel disc jockey, in his entire life he is yet to meet someone as hard headed as his wife.

"You are not submissive wewe ni kichwa ngumu is it the first time nimekuambia hiyo story? Kama kuna mtu nime meet kichwa ngumu ni wewe." Said DJ Mo.

Disappointed by Mo's words, Size 8 did not hold back her sentiments and in fact wanted a clear definition of the noun, 'submission'.

"Wewe unataka ni act kama slave? No! Kuna difference between submission and slavery. Wewe unataka niwe slave yako."  

She added,

So let me ask you as an African man, a woman is not supposed to talk?

Babe you know what is seriously happening now, nikama wanaume mnataka wanawake wawe your slaves not your wives. We are just elevated slaves."

To make matters worse, the mother of two revealed that DJ Mo even stopped her from releasing her latest song, lift my hands.

Angered by the accusations, DJ Mo asked Size 8 to call him after she decides who is the man of the house, before he walked out.

Catch the entire drama of the latest episode of dine with the murayas below;

Submission is subjection many husband are using the bible verse of wife submission wrongly as a tool to manipulate and control their wives!! Thanks to Dominic and his wife for amazing advice