Kagwe Mungai is currently the topic of discussion on Twitter streets and yes you are right, not for the right reasons.

This is after the Afro pop artist posted a video responding to some of the mean tweets KOT have been sending his way.

In the video titled 'Mean Tweets (YoMama Edition)' Kagwe responds to the mean tweets by dragging the tweeps' mothers. A weak move if you ask me.

Check out the video below;

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If you have been on Twitter long enough you would be wise enough not to attack KOT. 

I would say he is right to be angered by some of the feedbacks he is receiving but come on, publicly responding to them and more so with weak clapbacks? Makosaaaa *Insert DJ Afro's voice*

It did not take long before KOT united and this time fought him back with all they have.

I am not sure whether Kagwe will have the energy to respond to these ones to.

Check out some of their reactions;