Jowie Irungu and his wife Eleanor
Jowie Irungu and his wife Eleanor

Jowie Irungu is married to Eleanor Musangi Ndambo and the two are blessed with a young daughter.

Eleanor also acts as Jowie's manager and she says working with her hubby is difficult.

Eleanor accompanied Jowie to Radio Jambo and speaking to Massawe Japanni Eleanor said,

"It is difficult, I fire myself and hire myself." Said Eleanor.

She went on to say that she knows a completely different Jowie, compared to the one people see or perceive to know. The professional described her hubby as a comedian and very playful.

"First of all the side that many see it's not the one which I know. To me Jowie is like a comedian a playful person whom we chase each other around the house." She said.

Showering her hubby with sweet words, Eleanor added,

He is very romantic he does not let me wash the dishes when the nanny is not around. He treats me like a queen and that's what he calls me, Queen."

Asked whether she forgave Jowie for his involvement with Jacque Maribe, Eleanor did not hesitate,

I forgave Jowie but before I forgave him there was nothing to be forgiven. I was not in Jackie's error and she wasn't in mine.

Jowie was incarcerated for one and half years at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

Him and Jowie are facing murder charges over the killing of business lady Monica Kimani. Jowie says despite what he went through he is not a bitter man.

I am not bitter with anything and anyone. Me being here it's God's grace and I am taking the opportunity to thank Him.

Jowie released a gospel song dubbed 'Nishikilie' but he refused to be categorized as a gospel musician.

"I wouldn't say I am in a gospel industry but I a ma a conscious musician and reason I started by involving God in my music IS because it is a thanksgiving song.

I am thankful for my journey and not because of what I have been going through."

Jowie said that becoming a musician was not a dream. He says he was raised in church and was in the choir and knew that he wanted to be a musician.

Check out his new song below

Here's #JOWIE IRUNGU'S ' first song produced by #SAFRIRECORDS. Kindly receive him with love and accord him real support. Watch his song #NISHIKILIE, ...