Actor Bryan Kabugi
Actor Bryan Kabugi
Image: Courtesy

Fast-rising content creators have been warming the hearts of many social media users with the web series “Mid-Young Crisis”.

The series features Bryan Kabugi, Makena Kahuha and Nicole Jeptum among others. Directed by Obigwa Brian and Shot by Tevin Fuhd, which has received a good reception, is what a normal city couple goes through on a daily basis.

'We create content to interact and motivate. The joy in doing what we love pushes us to make films. The series and most of our projects are self-sponsored and judging from the quality we try to achieve, it is not shoddily done,' said Fuhd in a statement

He added that corona-virus situation was the inspiration behind starting the project

The group plans to expand with regard to future bigger projects at place

'We intend to create our own Niche in the digital market since there are fewer restrictions here and more accessible to our audience. The goal is to create, interact and motivate.'

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