Singer Akothee has for the first time spoken about what triggered domestic violence in her first marriage.

The mother of five was married to one Jared, the father of her three daughters.

According to Akothee the two lived in perfect harmony despite their low income, and for that, many admired their family.

She wrote; My own Jared was and still a humble man, he was never violent ,he had never beaten me up in front of our children, I don't remember when we argued, we lived in harmony ,most people admired our family life ,yes we were not really broke but we were trying ,Jared was earning a salary of 15,000 ksh as an accountant,with this money ,we had to manage our 3 daughters, and live the life we understood.

However, tides turned when his attention was diverted and as madam boss describes it, 'the love ended without a notice.'

Disappointed and Feeling alone, Akothee sought refuge in alcohol and hell broke loose when she got home drunk.

She says confused by her situation, Jared beat her up for the first time after 10 years together.

I had never told my children this ,I was waiting for the right time to tell them why violence emerged after living peacefully for 10 solid years with their father," Wrote Akothee.

Before everything went south for the couple, madam boss recalls how she treated Jared like a king and made sure he was well taken care of.

Her cooking skills saw Jared rush home for lunch and he never ate out.

I prepare his bathing water ,and by the time he comes from the bathroom his cloths and shoes well ironed and shoes brushed ,when he was ready in the bedroom, breakfast was ready for him on the table, It's unfortunate that the love ended without a notice