Jalang'o and Kamene
Jalang'o and Kamene

Today being Wednesday, Kamene and Jalas decided to tackle matters love and commitments.

Kamene simply wanted to understand why couples date for six or seven years before formalizing it or simply taking it to the next level.

She says if a man needs more than three to six months to make up his mind whether he really needs you for a long time the he is wasting your time.

Using her past marriage as a perfect example, Menje said it only took her ex Tanzanian hubby six months to ask her to marry him. 

"When I met my ex hubby by the sixth month he had already proposed and in fact by the third month he had already asked me to leave my job and join him. Wewe For 7 months huku you are still doing his laundry." Kamene said.

The two breakfast hosts then threw the question to the listeners and wanted to know how long they are willing to wait before their men take the relationship to the next level.

Below are some of their reactions;

Derrick: Hii mambo ya kuharakisha utapata ni opposite ya chenye uliona. Mimi siko sure bado na yeye, aniongeze like 3 more months nijue.

Mary Kamau: We have dated for 6 months but we still need like 9 more months of dating and a few more months of internship.

Joan: We have been dating for 1 month so far and I feel like I would marry him tomorrow, that is how strong I feel about him.

Jalang'o also decided to join Kamene's bandwagon for the first time. He gave a scenario where as a man you have dated a lady for so long, taken her to every restaurant to a point that she now knows the menu off head.

Ladies, how long are you willing to wait before he proposes to you?