Controversial pastor, Robert Burale has revealed that when he tested positive for Covid-19, even his close friends wished him death.

Speaking on Jalang'o TV, an emotional Burale said that while he was not bothered by those who said he was faking his illness, he was hurt by comments from his dear friends.

"I got some screenshots while in hospital and I wasn't hurt by what they were saying but some people who spoke," Burale said.


"People you've invited for dinner, people who stood with me and then went and wrote ' I can’t wait to wake up to 'R.IP Burale'.

The motivational speaker said that since them he learnt to reduce the number of seats at his dinner table, because he no longer has time for dilute friendships.

"I will tell you one thing, if you think you have five friends I will advice you to go to the hospital and get checked.

My burden was heavy it is only by the grace of God I walked out healthy both physically and mentally." Burale said.

Burale went ahead to advise Jalang'o that he must not think people around him are genuinely there for him but some are there because of his platform.

He told him to remember those who stood with him when he went to pay his dowry because those are his true friends.

"Today when your platform is taken away from you, no one will remember you. People sit with you but not to support you but to look for ways to hurt you." Said Burale.