Tabitha Karanja and Tecra Muigai
Tabitha Karanja and Tecra Muigai

This week marks 100 days since the sudden death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai.

Tecra died on May 2nd after falling a flight of stairs and hurt her head. at a house in Lamu where she lived with her boyfriend, Omar Lali.

An autopsy conducted by chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed that Tecra died as a result of trauma to the left side of her head consistent with a fall.

100 days later, Tecra Muigai's mother and CEO of Keroche breweries, Tabitha Karanja's wound is still fresh and unlike the belief time is a healer, she says the only  change is that her eyes have been opened to more truths.

Tabitha posted a series of tweets where she praised Tecra's insatiable curiosity, her outlook of the world and the number of souls she touched across the world.

"This week marks 100 days since we laid to rest my last born daughter Tecra. Her death left me brokenhearted without an idea of how to move forward. People say to give it time. But truth is that time changes nothing. What has changed is my eyes have been opened to more truths," Wrote Tabitha.

29 years ago when Tecra was gifted to me, I was drawn to her insatiable curiosity. Through the years i benefitted from her outlook of the world. She became my sounding board in my very private life and my public life as an entrepreneur. I dearly miss her counsel and company."

She added,

I've heard from friends in 20 countries whose lives Tecra touched & inspired. Her life proves what differentiates people is - opportunity. Thank you all for prayers that helped ease our pain. For those in a similar place, i pray for grace to live & grieve at the same time.