The sun might have felt a little bit shy on Friday morning, but that never stopped Jalang'o from throwing shade!

The breakfast co-host was asked to list down a few reasons why he works hard from day to day.

Without even stuttering, Jalas gave a pretty interesting and hard hitting answer, taking out his haters on the spot.

"hy I work hard? One to make my parents proud, make enemies jealous and make myself happy if you have that in check then you are ok." Jalas said.

The seasoned presenter went on to advise Kiss listeners that if they ever get a chance of uplifting their parents, then they should do so proudly.

"If you are in a position to uplift your parents to a point where they can look back and say 'my son did this for me,' wachukulie kashamba mahali wajengee kanyumba let them enjoy."

He added,

When I bought a shamba back in shagz and built my mom a house, let me tell you she prays for me everyday. Then I look at some haters out there and all I say is, provided my mom is happy please exit left."

Echoing his words, Kamene narrated about how she surprised her mom via  M-pesa describing how fulfilling that sweet feeling is.

"I got a deal mahali nikalipwa and I surprised my mother na ka M-pesa, you know for my mother I cannot upgrade her much, so that made me happy." Kamene said.