Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz
Image: Instagram

Singer Diamond Platnumz has gifted a fan one million Tanzanian shillings. This is equivalent to Ksh 46,800.

This is after, Majaliwa Juma - the fan - showed the singer the tattoos he has on his chest. Majaaliwa has tattooed himself with Diamond's face.

When asked how much he needs to start a business, Majaaliwa told Diamond that he needed Tsh 600,000 (28,100). But the singer was generous to give him Tsh 1,000,000.

Diamond met the fan while performing at Magufuli's political campaign.

The fan now says he has changed his religion to Islam. He has also changed his name to Naseeb.

Speaking about the experience, Diamond wrote,

"I met this amazing fan of mine with my Face and Our @wcb_wasafi logo's Tattoo on his chest and Neck...then i took him to my house asked him what Business he would like to do and what is the Capital he said 600,000 T shillings...then i gave him 1,000,000 and Promotion Offer on WASAFI MEDIA and My all digital platforms till his business break even....Thank you for the love, will forever be grateful 🙏🏼"