Gospel minister Kambua has been paying tribute to her late son Malachi this weekend. Malachi died in February 2021. 

To remember him, Kambua shared a message to encourage other people who have gone through tough time after the loss of their loved child.

"This is for every parent who has had to endure the pain of losing a child. Every one who has had a miscarriage, a failed IVF procedure, multiple negative tests, unexplained infertility, I can relate in some ways."

"I know the darkness. I know the pain. I know the heaviness. But I also know that the pain eases and the darkness lifts."

She encouraged them to walk with God "He’ll be right there besides you. Holding you close, wiping your tears…lifting you."

Kambua described the news of the passing of her second born as 'a heart stopping'

"It’s been a year since Malachi, and I have experienced what I can only summarize as Shalom- the peace; the perfection of God. Today, right now, a baby’s heart somewhere just stopped beating, and if it’s anything like what I felt, you feel like yours stopped beating as well. But beloved, even in this moment, remember you are still here. And God is STILL a good Father who loves you deeply. May you feel him closer now more than ever. You are loved, and I’m praying for you."

Kambua's first born son Nathaniel will be turning three this year.