Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu says she has never asked for people to contribute for her wellbeing. 

Sepetu said this following allegations by a Tanzanian content creator that she is broke and has not been having a car for two years. Her fans decided to contribute for her to get a car.

In a recent press briefing, when asked if she got a car from the money that was contributed, she said;

"I never asked for contribution. I think it was just out of love. People decided to do what they thought was best.  I told them I wasn't comfortable people contributing to me."

Adding "What I did was sell my heart, speak my truth. I don't think that having or not having a car affects anyone."

She continued; "I have never told anyone that I don't have a car and that I need one. Never have I ever."

Sepetu said this while signing a deal with a sanitary towel brand.