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Pascal Tokodi is married to Grace Ekirapa. The actor and media personality are expecting their first child.

In an nterview with Kalondu Musyimi, Tokodi said that his wife is craving Githeri, chocolate and hot sauce.

He said this at the Maisha Mapenzi event by DSTV.

The actor also spoke about his secret wedding revealing that the wedding photos were leaked by a guest in the ceremony.

"Someone leaked our wedding photosand we had to put together a music video overnight to avoid the cameras. It was supposed to be aprivate wedding but one of our guests send the photos to social media against our will and the newsbroke online in hours. It is not what we intended for our wedding, and we had to get round to managing in in the best way we knew how.”

He admitted that he knows who it is and that he has forgiven them.

 "I know who it is. I have met him a couple of times. I have no idea why he leaked it because we tried to make it as private as we could because it was during Covid times so we just wanted to have a very small and simple ceremony so that when we are announcing, we are ready."

At the event, Pascal was accompanied by Peter Kamau stage name Biko and  with Angie Mulay, host of Our Perfect Wedding and Our Fifth Anniversary together with Minnie Kariuki, lead actor of the popular Showmax series Single Kiasi.

About whether they have faced any challenges with their fans off set, Pascal was positive that all the girls love him. Biko on the other hand has had to deal with a few ladies who have been unhappy about his interference with Selina and Nelson on set. He narrated how a fan once abused him and lashed out at him for his character in the series Selina. Pascal on the other hand has experienced nothing but love from his fans, some who even ask for his number in the hope that they can write their own love story with him. However, Pascal Tokodi is happily married to Grace Ekirapa and the couple will soon be having a baby […and so will Nelson and Selina in the TV show Selina].