Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has released his much anticipated EP dubbed 'First Of All.' It is a ten-track project that was launched this past week.

The song Nawaza is one that has caught people's attention. The Tanzanian singer has addressed his long time standing beef with fellow singer Alikiba saying it was brought about by fanbase.

"Nilowaza leo nimewaza sana Mi na Kiba ugomvi kipi? Nikagundua ni ushamba na ujana wakugombana mashabiki."

(I have though about this so much, what is the beef between Ali Kiba and I?I have realized it was brought my my backwardness and fighting for fans as a young man.")

He went on to say he doesn't know where his step-father Uncle Shamte would be if his dad was alive.

"Mawazo mengine mtanange,bora tuache yataleta ukakasi. Je angekuwepo mzee Nyange Uncle Shamte angepata nafasi?"

(Some thoughts are stupid it's best if we leave them before they bring enemity. If Mzee Nyange was around would Uncle Shamte have gotten a chance?)

Diamond has in the past revealed that Mzee Abdul is not his biological father but the late Mzee Nyange.