Brown Mauzo
Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika is already thinking of baby number two. She and her husband Brown Mauzo welcomed their first born, Asia Brown about five months ago.

In a Q and A  session on social media, a fan asked Sidika "What will baby no 2 and Asia's age gap be?"

She responded "Maybe one to two years," she laughed


She went on to reveal that she knew she wanted a child with Mauzo after dating for six months.

"How long did you date Brown Mauzo before you decided to have a child with him?' posed a fan.

To which she responded "Exactly six months, haha.'


Adding "Confirmed, Asia has my eyes, oh and my brother's eyes too coz my bro kinger_Josh my dad and I have the exact same eyes."

"Surely after 9 months of carrying you Princess Asia you decide to look like your father and only took my eyes?"

They welcomed their daughter about five months ago.