Sauti Sol member Bien Aime Baraza says he will teach his kids his vernacular language, Luhya. 

Bien also revealed that he plans to get two kids, and both will also be taught the Luhya culture.

He said this in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi at the launch of sol Kids.

"They will have to learn Luhya perfectly... the Isukha. English is up to you...Luhya will not die if I do not teach my kids. WE are coming from a point where our parents would lecture us in Luhya. For me I want to talk to my child in Luhya when having preserves culture," he said.

Check out the interview;

The singer will release his 'Bald Man Comic' which is a witty action-packed comic series based on the EP, Bald Men Love Better by Bien-Aime Alusa Barasa and Aaron Rimbui.

This African centric comic is a fun and short story about heroic bald men who fight off a villain, Afro Man and save their city.

The comic is the first in a series of comics that will span the life of the main character, bald man, journeying back into his life as a young boy, Alusa and showcasing the beauty of the Luhya culture.

It offers a unique blend of music, art and storytelling as a tool of instilling identity and celebrating culture through entertainment.