otile brown
photo by moses mwangi otile brown

 Otile Brown is currently in South Africa. While there, the singer seems to have studied something from their music industry.

Brown says their music industry is not loud but very rich as they support their own.

"They love themselves. You might have a big hit but they don't know it because they never play other music from outside especially in clubs or restaurants."

This got the singer thinking that its better to support your own to enrich your own industry 'Than being generous and lose the strength of your own industry.....Someone has only two songs but big achievements" he posted on insta-stories

He warned those who ruin the industry that their generation will make music in the same industry.

He later took to Instagram feed to write;

"Life is an endless struggle.. play your part & leave the rest to God .. Nobody has it all figured out."

So, is Otile Brown right?