Comedian Consumator
Comedian Consumator

Former Churchill show comedian Consumator was stigmatized after he came out to ask for help. 

According to the comedian, his family termed it as 'embarassing'

"When I went to be a caretaker I hid it from my family because I did not want them to be worried about me.I had accepted my situation but I did not want to worry my parent.I had told my mum and my siblings that I had been given a place to stay.I never told them what I was going through." He told Mpasho

"I am currently going through stigmatization, the people who castigate you the most are close family members. Some people went to my dad and said that I was embarrassing my family. That affected me."

"This was my story, it did not belong to my dad or my siblings. Some of my siblings told my dad and told him that I am embarrassing them. I called dad and explained the situation and he is now OK with it."

Consumator does not regret any of it;

"I do not regret it, I was prepared, it took me time to open so when I did I was expecting the negative feedback. The positive feedback has overwhelmed the negative feedback."

The comedian is also taking care of his dad who was diagnosed with cancer.

"At the end of 2019, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was something serious so I ended up using most of my savings, thankfully he is now OK although he goes to clinics now and then."

That, he says, was the beginning of his struggles.

"After that, I couldn't afford to pay rent so I moved in with a friend who is also in the industry. We agreed to cost-share the 3K rent. At the time I was hoping I would get the cash but I did not, but that is when Covid-19 hit."

He recalls moving in with a friend during the covid-19 pandemic who later kicked the comedian out after failing to pay his end of the rent.

"I managed to pay the first month but I was not able to pay up the next few months (3). He started showing me madharau, he would come home full and go to sleep, I would sleep hungry because on some days I had no money."

One day I came home at night I found everything thrown out including my inner-wear. I never thought he would go to such lengths as we had grown together."

"I thought he would throw me out in a diplomatic way. People knew me so it was very embarrassing picking things up as people watched. That day I slept with the watchman."

"I called some people some thought it was a joke, others said they couldn't help. A lady I studied with at Daystar University is the one who came through for me."