Harmonize and ex girlfriend Kajalla
Harmonize and ex girlfriend Kajalla

Harmonize has continued to ask for forgiveness from her ex girlfriend Fridah Kajalla.

The two broke up when the singer was accused of seducing Kajalla's 19-year-old daughter.

He then moved on with an Australian woman called Briana. They broke up recently with the Tanzanian singer saying he can't continue with a long distance relationship.


In an interview, the singer says he has asked for forgiveness as he doesn't know what he would tell God if he dies.

"I have already asked for forgiveness...I am a person just like any other. It might happen that tomorrow I am no more in this earth, what shall I tell God?"

"Apart from that, I have a daughter who is growing. When she grows, you don't know her reactions to the things I did. I might be dead but this interview will be there. I will tell my daughter that I was wrong and I was just growing, things like alcohol and curiosity to try other things."


Harmonize says he loves Kajalla reason he is not looking for other women.

"I asked for forgiveness because I am human. Of course I am able to get other women but I feel its not right. If she takes me back, she will be my woman. I want to thank God that I am ale to apologize."

Harmonize and Kajala
Photo/Nairobi leo Harmonize and Kajala

He concluded by saying he is ready to marry and make her his wife. He had put up a billborad with Kajalla's photo asking her to come back to him.

Previously, the Tanzanian singer was married to Italian woman Sarah Michelloti.