Diamond Platnumz posing
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz says he doesn't read comments on social media as trolls can get into his head.

The WCB boss says responding to haters is like giving them your attention.

"I don't read trolls and in any case, I come across a video or a post that has hate messages I don't even open that. If I check, I will be prompted to respond back to that message," he said in an interview with BBC

He added;

"It will be an advantage for them but for me, it is going to be a disadvantage, so, I best ignore such messages."

Responding to Harmonize's complaint about being mistreated at WCB, Diamond said;

"There are things I don't follow up on or even listen to. He has no respect towards me but at some point in life, you cannot deny people their right to speak. We (Wasafi) don't have any intention to misuse artists."

"I don't look at money, but my aim is that artists can succeed. It is not easy to sign artists and they shine even after they are independent."

He added that he used to get hurt when Harmonize would taint his name but not anymore;

"I used to get hurt with what he speaks out after he left, but I no longer care. People know what is right and wrong. I believe in myself so much. Everyone has their own path."

"You cannot listen to my songs only, and so I do not have any intentions to bring anyone down. Nobody can bring you down, you work on your own downfall. There are so many opportunities for all of us artists."


"We should stop focusing on Diamond as artists. You will not grow if you keep on following and beefing on each other."