Mwai Kibaki
Former President Mwai Kibaki
Image: The Star

Jimmy Kibaki, son to retired president Mwai Kibaki has paid tribute to his father describing him as a man of a excellence.

"Mzee lived to excel. From the moment he left the village in Othaya up to the day he retired as president of this country, that journey has been a journey to excel. Excelling means trying your best," said Jimmy at Kibaki's funeral service in Nyayo Stadium

He went on to say;

"Mzee loved Kenya and Kenyans with passion and it is that love and passion that almost enabled him to dedicate his life to this country."

"He dedicated more than half a century to the service of Kenyans...he was the ultimate Kenyan patriot."

Jimmy had started off by saying that he didn't know whether he would speak as he woke up with sadness. 

"Today my heart feels very heavy....I woke up with a tremendouse sense of sadness and loss."

He stood on behalf of the entire Kibaki family and thanked President Uhuru for the love and care he gave to Kibaki.

"In his final years when his medical condition was deteriorating, you personally ensured that he had access to the best medical care in Kenya and in the World."

He also thanked deputy President who checked up on the family after and supported them.

Jimmy also  Kenyan citizens "who have come to honour Mzee and to mourn with us, to grieve and condole with us, and to tell us Pole."

"We realize as a family that the loss was as great for Kenyan as it was for us...I remember thinking...If Mzee was to wake up for one minute, he would wonder whey all these Kenyans are going, why are hey not at work?"