man who caused drama outside Parliament building
Allan Makana man who caused drama outside Parliament building

Allan Makana is a man that has caught the eyes of many after he tried to interrupt Archbishop Antony Muheria at Mwai Kibaki's funeral service held at Nyayo Stadium.

Makana is the man that had previously caused drama outside parliament when he claimed that the late President was his grandfather.

At the funeral service, the priest gave him a side hug and asked him to go sing with the choir after Makana asked for two minutes to speak.

"I will need two minutes to make a few remarks," said Makana after stepping into the alter

"Enda uimbe na choir (Go sing with the choir)," the priest told Makana

The priest then told the crowd that "He is the son of our nation who is emotional at the loss of our president. Treat him well."

Makana attracted social media attention when he was crying outside the parliament building.

"No! give me a chance to cry please.. why are you allowing him to go soon? Why are you allowing him to go soon, why, why, why I'm asking why. He's my president please." He cried

"In fact, he has been my distant grandchild (sic)." (He was most likely confused and meant to say 'great grandfather)..."and I have been believing. Why? Why go soon?"

While explaining his ordeal with the police after that incident, Makana told The Standard that;

"They took me to a police station and then in the evening they transferred me to Central Police Post. I stayed there and was taken to City Hall for creating disturbance the next day. I did not see any mistake I had committed, even my file was not present."

 "They asked me whether I had a job and I said I did not. But the truth is that I had one, when I went back I was told not to continue working there for lying. Right now I do not have a job. I am asking any volunteers outside there to please give me a job."

He even vowed to go to Othaya.

"I did not see the body of Kibaki, I will go to Othaya and see his body. Even if I do not have fare I will borrow. People used to call me Kibaki's grandson, I told them to stop but the name stuck. I just want to fulfill my wish."