and their son
Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi and their son and their son
Image: Instagram

Vanessa Mdee and her fiancé Rotimi welcomed a son last year. The Tanzanian singer and the American actor cum singer started living together before the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Months before welcoming their first born, they got engaged. Their son is called Seven Akinosho.

Speaking on Instagram live, Vee Money gave reasons she and Rotimi named his Seven.


"In the Bible, number seven is very important, its the number of completion. Its God's number of completion."

"This child signifies that to me and my husband. He is our  completion and he's a blessing from God. A true blessing."

Asked why she is yet to unveil her son's face on social media, she said;


"We are celebrities but our child never chose that. He never chose that life and it comes with a lot of things. We are giving him a chance to know himself . He is a young man. Its not like we are hiding him, y'all know the existence of him. He is our baby, he is our heart."

She promised her fans to go back to Tanzania soon. She has been living in the US with her fiancé since 2020 and only went back to Tanzania ones.