Saua Sama
Saua Sama
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian superstar Maua Sama has planned the release of her 23 minutes project. The singer took to social media to announce to fans about her creativity.

"I Decided Kutengeneza Track Moja Ndefu Ina Dak 23 Iko Na Verse 14, Chorus 5,Verse 2 Wamefanya Brothers Beat Imepigwa Na Producers 4. Nimekata Dk 7 Nimepata Videos 4 Ni Muziki Mzuri Sana Trust Me."

(I decided to come up with one long project that has 23 minutes, 14 verses and five choruses)

She went on to ask people to put some respect on her name.

"Put Some Respect On My Name #MauaKobeSama 13th May-31 December 2022''

In another post, she insisted that it was no joke.

"23 minutes, I am not joking."

Maua Sama is known for her hit song 'Iokote.' Even though she has been in the music industry for long, Iokote was the song that put her in the international market.