GK Choppa and Zari
GK Choppa and Zari

Fans have been questioning Ugandan businessman why he is no longer close to Zari The Boss Lady.

The two became Instagram official this year when they shared a video sharing a kiss. Since then, they would show off their affection on each other to their social media fans.

GK's last post of Zari Hassan was when he wished her a happy women's day on March 8th. To which she responded,

"Thank you boo"

Well, Zari seems to have deleted GK's photos from her social media. But fans are on GK's check asking where Zari is at.

Check out fans; comments;

Nairobibuzzke: Where is Zari. 

 Musatoto12: That is my question too kama when did he started being a quotes man on social media

Bukenya926: where is Zari banange this life no balance

Belize africa: Babu wa watu Kaaachwa!!

Charlesmrema: Mzee mkataba wakoo na zari umeishia wap mbn ujatutaarifuu??

Judith3838: Zari where are you?? 

Sexyrashme: Some of u social media in-laws u have wars with yr self 

Sarah_Myllah: She left u

Rona865: We miss u chopper and Zari

Derrick2022: Billionaire why no show off now a days