Harmonize and Briana
Tanzanian singer Harmonize and Briana
Image: Instagram

Harmonize's ex girlfriend Briana has announced her plan to come back to East Africa. The Australian woman made headlines when the Tanzanian singer introduced her as his girlfriend.

This happened weeks after Harmonize broke up with her Tanzanian girlfriend Kajalla after being accused of seducing Kajalla's 19-year-old daughter Paula. 

Before Kajalla, Harmonize was married to an Australian woman, Sarah Michelotti. 

In a past interview, Sarah said she split with the singer over his alleged infidelity. It is not yet clear if the two officially divorced as they have kept quiet over the issue since then.

Well, Briana is the recent girlfriend and is excited to come back after ganereing thousands of followers from East Africa. And no, she is not going to Tanzania but to Rwanda.

"Guess who's coming back to EA. I'm so excited, I'm flying to Kigali, Rwanda next week. I cannot wait to celebrate with my East African fam again, I love y'all," she said in an Instagram video

In another post, she wrote in Swahili saying;

"Get ready Africa! I’m coming back! Habari Kwa wote, napanga kurudi East Africa na Nina furaha Sana. Wiki ijayo nitakua Kigali Rwanda na huko ndio nitasherekea birthday yangu tarehe 19th May. Natamani Sana kusherekea na familia yangu ya East Africa Tena. Tutaonana hivi karibuni" 

(I am planning to come back to East Africa and I'll be celebrating my birthday in Kigali, lets link up soon)

Harmonize and Briana broke up after the singer said he couldn't handle a long distance relationship,