and baby mama Fahima
singer Rayvanny and baby mama Fahima

Rayvanny's baby mama Fahima aka Fahyvanny is remembering the struggles she's had while still young. Fahyvanny came into the limelight when she was introduced by the WCB singer as his girlfriend.

The young couple welcomed a son in 2018.  Late last year, Rayvanny confirmed break up with Fahyvanny and started dating Paula Kajalla, daughter to Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajalla.

Fahima would take to social media to express her sorrows and it seems she's now taking fans back to the time she almost gave up.

While celebrating Eid, Fahyvanny shared a photo wearing a dazzling blue dress revealing to her fans that she's had tough times in her young age


"Namshukuru sana MUNGU kwakila kitu alichonitendea ktk maisha yangu .Haikua rahisi kiukweli nilipitia mambo mengi kwa huu umri wangu mdogo nilionao sikuwai kukata tamaa hata dakika mojaHakika kwa msaada wa MUNGU nimeshinda ya dunia. Hekima, busara, na uvumilivu ndio siraha yangu."

(I thank God for everything He's done to my life. It wasn't easy as I went through tough times in my young age. Never did I give up. By God's grace I fought. Wisdom, knowledge and patience is my sword.)

After their break up, Fahima said she was still in love with the singer

"Simchukii. Nampenda sana. Anajua hivyo na sidhani kuwa ananichukia. Ananipenda pia sana coz we are good friends. Hamna njia yoyote ambayo tunaweza kuwa maadui. Lazima tuwe tu good friends maana kuna kitu ambacho kinatuunganisha; mtoto wetu," she said.


(I don't hate him. I love him so much. He knows that and I also don't think he hates me. We are friends. There is no way we can ever be enemies. We have to be friends since our baby is the reason for our bond.")

After months of throwing blows on each other on social media, the two were seen enjoying each other's company at their son's birthday.