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Kiss FM Presenter Obinna in studio
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We've all seen cases where friends borrow money from us only to move on with their lives like they don't have your debt.

Kiss FM presenter Obinna has come across such a case on The Morning Kiss where he helped a listener get back his money.

“This one conned me , ati ameshikwa na polisi nimtumie pesa asipelekwe kortini (...that he was arrested I send him money so that he doesn't go to jail)" said Macharia, a Kiss FM listener

Well, Obinna called the borrower who explained that Macharia had blocked his number so he wasn't able to send the money.

"Macharia, I didn't con him, I told I'm I was sending him the money but something came up but we never communicated later on. Its like he blocked me or something. I don't have is number at the moment."

The borrower explained that he owed Macharia one thousand bob.

"Nilikua nimshikwa, ni ile unatembea usiku alafu unapatana na makarao. If I get a hold of his number I will sort him right away." (Its true I was arrested for loitering in the streets at night.)

Kikao is a segment by Obinna where he speaks on behalf of the listener to fins out why someone did what they did to someone else.