Zuchu, Diamond
Zuchu, Diamond

Diamond Platnumz's song 'Mtasubiri' featuring songstress Zuchu has been banned from airplay in Tanzania. The song which is off Diamond's EP 'First Of All' is a hit and has garnered over ten million views on Youtube.

According to Tanzanian Communication Authority (TCRA) a clip showing Zuchu in church singing in the choir and then rans out to see Diamond has caused mixed reactions.

In a statement to newsrooms, TCRA said;

"TCRA has received a report from BASATA to stop sharing a music video of the above mentioned artistes from airplay."

Adding; "In the said video, there is a clip showing the cast in church singing choir before leaving for somewhere else. The clip has brought mixed reaction from believers of different dominations and has be seen as disrespect to certain religion/alter"

The statement goes on to ask media houses and social media users to put an end to the sharing or playing the music video.