Amber Ray
Socialite and musician Amber Ray
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 Amber Ray's ex boyfriend Kabba has come out to confirm their split weeks into their public relationship.

The Sierra Leonean basketballer went on to hint that Amber had put juju on him adding that it didn't stay on him for long.

"I'm a free man like Mandela. The juju didn't stay long on me thanks God for helping me."

In another post, the recently famous sportsman wrote;

He swore never to go to Kambaland;

"I wonder why a lot of people out there think that is only men that use women women are very very dangerous. Right now Kambaland is the place I will never want to visit in my life there is something about that place that is not right."

He added that the photos they had been sharing were from a long time ago;

"Be careful about a woman that will always come to you and tell you that I want to date you, about the pictures that are out there those pictures are old pictures it's nothing new about those pictures. I don't know how they went out Let's be careful about some women that will come into our lives no disrespect to any woman I respect women and I will love them forever don't forever just be careful and get the right one God-bless"

In a recent Q and A, Amber Ray was asked if she 'character developed' the ex-boyfriend.

She said

“The people who pose like na bado wanaibiwa.”