with Blessing Lung'aho
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho
Image: Instagram

Actor Blessing Lung'aho aka Madiba says he and his fiancee Jackie Matubia will not document their childbirth.

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi said he and Matubia are not the kind of celebrities to record their child birth and show it to the public.

  "We are not those kinds of celebrities but I don't judge that 'cause I've followed a lot of American celebrities and this is something that they do so I wouldn't judge Kenyan celebrities for doing that," he said.

He continued "I'm a pretty private person especially when I'm vulnerable and I wouldn't want to document that. Maybe she might want to document something, I will support her in that but I'd do it differently."

He is however not decided on whether he will join his fiance in the delivery room.

"I don't know I am not gonna think about it I'll just let it flow I don't want to preempt too much. If it happens and she needs me there sawa, if she asks me to leave, yeah."

He will also take time off to go for paternity leave.

"I hope so, it's dependent on when it starts but yeah yeah definitely i'm gonna take some time off and bond with the little one."

The actor also cleared the rumours that Matubia had already given birth.

"That would be a lie. The problem with my better half is she's extremely genuine if she had given birth I wouldn't be here." He said.

Madiba has a daughter from a previous relationship and says he has also bonded with Matubia child, whom he lives with.