image: BBC
image: BBC

American media pundits are reporting that Kim Kardashian got death threats against her and her four kids.

The reality TV star is also reported to have gone to court to get a restraining order from the person sending letters to her as her life is in danger.

It is reported thatDavid Resendiz is the man behind the letters as Kim says she has never met him and has been sending letters totaling to 80.


According to TMZ, Kim says 'he made disturbing sexual references about me in his letters."

Kim is now requesting the court to restrict the man from coming close to her; at least 100 yards away from herself and her family.

This comes when preparation of her sister's wedding Kourtney kardashian are underway. 

On Saturday, Kim was spotted barefooted in a black dress on her way to her sister's pre-wedding. 

Kourtney is set to get married to fiancé Travis Barker on Sunday.