Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Image: Commons Wikimedia

Britney Spears is not happy about her therapists. She claims that they put her in 840 hours of unwanted therapy.

Taking to Instagram, the singer wrote;

"After doing exactly 840 hours of unwanted therapy in a mother f***ing chair … this is my message to all my therapists and people who took my money … KISS MY MOTHER F***ING A** !!!! I guess I’m a scholar at this point."

Adding "… again to my family who condoned this torture … I will say till the day I die … go to hell !!! And if you think I’m lying or thats impossible to do … do your research !!!! Pssss is it awkward or uncomfortable to watch this video ???? GOOD."

The captioned was along side a two minutes video of Spears ranting about the therapists. She explained how she would be addressed by the therapists.

'I'm just so happy you're able to make it back here today and do therapy again.  How have you been?. Um, it's so good to see that little face of yours."

This is not the first time the singer is ranting about the same. In December last year she also explained in a video how the therapy would go.

'I'm not here to trouble you, I just want you to be completely relaxed. I'm here to help you,' she said in a character as a therapist