Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage has said in a viral video that she doesn't mind having a man without money.

“I was telling my stylist, Tokunbo, that it isn’t that I’m looking for a guy that has money because I have money too, don’t get it twisted."

“If you do anyhow, I will get into my Lamborghini and drive off. So all I’m saying is, you have to match my energy. So from now, we’re looking for someone to add to our fortune when we already have.”

On her Instagram stories, Huddah Monroe threw shade at the Nigerian singer saying she wasn't being honest.

"The irony . It's true nothing like your own money as a woman but I won't (let) an undercover 4o Plus runs woman lie to me . She is lying to y'all when she (F word) married men for $$$ (money). Have your own but accept a man who has and is giving too . That man who exposed her saw tape pays for (P word) and many others .And don't come at me"

In another Instagram story, Huddah went on to accuse Tiwa saying "I love females that speak reality but don't advice women to stoop low and not want a successful man when you Chasing and sleeping with peoples husbands for $$$."

"Don't come on the internet and act like a saint when the streets know you, the audacity."

She concluded saying that she was not jealous of Tiwa as she is a fan of her music but Tiwa isn't her role model

"....I don't see anything as a woman she has that I want . I And don't wanna be a certain age still running the streets and shaking body until it breaks."

"That's not what I want for myself . But if that what y'all want good We move . We have diff priorities but as a BLACK WOMEN y all know what y'all want deep down eventually and she is not yet the IMAGE of that maybe one day. " Wrote Huddah