Mercy, Betty and Gloria Kyallo
Mercy, Betty and Gloria Kyallo

Businesswoman Mercy Kyallo almost lost her life due to an In vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure.

An IVF involves an egg being removed from the woman's ovaries and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory. 

In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Mercy explained;

"It's something I have never told anyone," she said.

"I wanna be honest since there are people who follow me on social media for who I am. Many women donate their eggs for so many reasons. Sometimes, you feel for the woman who can't have children and sometimes you want some money." Mercy shared

Her body was not receptive to the procedure.

"For me, things went wrong. The doctors we not bad but my body was not receptive to the medication.

"I almost lost my life and I was very scared to talk about that. It was very personal to me."

She went on to explain why she did it.

"I love children and so when I heard that there are women who can't have children, I was ready to help.

Families break because of such reasons, I wanted to help but maybe some women are not good for that. I just fail to be one who can't donate," she said.

"My family always make fun of me saying there are millions of boys and girls out there who look like me. Anyone could use your genes."

She also hopes to get children in future;

"I do want kids and sometimes you meet someone really special and you want to share something with them. The most unique thing you can share with them is another human.

I am almost turning 30 years and am among the women who have worked really hard, and so when I get to enjoy the other part of life, I will be ready," she said

Mercy is starring at the new Showmax reality show 'Kyallo Kulture' together with her sisters Betty and Gloria Kyallo.

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