Gloria Kyallo has told her boyfriend Ken that she is not ready for marriage; at least not now.

Kyallo told Ken this in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi adding that she can only start thinking of marriage when she hits 35 years.

"I am not getting married before 35, I am still young."

I do not want to think of being with someone right now. I am gonna be with Ken as long as I am happy if happiness ends I will leave."


"I cannot force things. It would hurt but life must move on. We have never lied to each other so when I say I do not want to get married it is coming from my heart."

Ken is ready to do whatever his girlfriend Gloria wishes;

"I told her we do not have to necessarily get married. I am a cultural man and would want a traditional wedidng and a big white wedding but I think I can compromise because I know we can get lovely babies."

"I am very conservative and she makes me happy plus she is very happy."

Gloria says ken is very Kind and intelligent "If we cannot have deep conversations we can't work."

"He is very humble and one thing about him is that he grounds me and that is something amazing he has in a man."

Ken has gifted Gloria a promise ring which is not able to fit her anymore hence why she doesn't wear it anymore. 

Both Ken and Gloria will be on the new Showmax reality show 'Kyallo Kulture' with Betty and Mercy Kyallo.

Check out the interview;