Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari The Boss Lady is in Tanzania after spending three days in Kenya. Zari told journalists that she went to Tanzania to promote a sanitary pads company and meet Diamond Platnumz's family.

Asked about her alleged surgery, Zari hinted that she indeed went under the knife.

"In Africa, we pretend we are shocked by some things. These things are being done by western people, when you do surgery you do to enhance yourself, to look better. No one wants a big tummy."

This comes just months after fans noticed that Zari might have enhanced her waist.

When she was in Kenya, Diamond was also in the country. She explained why they never met.

"I don't have to post on social media for people to know that I met with Diamond or his family. We are family, we speaks the whole time."

"I am not a fan, I am the mother of his kids. There's nothing to proof."

Zari says she milked millions when she came to Kenya because she had planned herself well.

"It is all how you plan yourself. I went to advertise a decor company and while there, a club asked me to make an apperance and that's how I made money. I took the opportunity that presented itself. I have kids and I have to work because I am their mother and father."

Asked why she called herself the mother and father to her kids, she said;

"Diamond is very supportive but he's not always around, he sends child support money but I am the one who stays with the kids."