Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi
Image: instagram

Eric Omondi has narrated how he grew up traumatized when he saw his mum bleeding after she was beaten by his dad.

'I have never told anything this but growing up my mum was badly beaten by my dad. I came home from school and found her bleeding and with a black eye."

"Do you know how helpless I was as a young boy? That incident has traumatized me to date. I was in class six."

"Do you know it's the worst position for a child to be?"

"I told myself I would revenge on my mom's behalf. I never got to do that. I lost my mom. "

Even after the domestic violence, Eric's parents got back together.

"They got back together, they became lovers. I don't know if it ever happened again."

"That's another thing, many women are in such things na watu hawajui. But when I saw my mom go through that I was helpless, I was powerless."

And I said one day I will avange her, I lost my mom I lost my dad. So when Chantel called me hio kitu ilirudi nkajiambia today I am a man who is able to help," he said.

Omondi said this while responding to a video of his ex-girlfriend he shared on social media. The comedian alleged that Chantal Grazioli's estranged boyfriend Nicola Traldi was abusive to her. Traldi has since denied the claims.