Kameme Goro
KIss fm host Kameme Goro
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna are in disagreement on whether or not women really love money more than the man.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene said all she wants in a relationship is peace. Obinna on the other side says money is very important in a relationship.

"Talking from experience, women nowadays don't want peace. Right now the lady who is in the most loving relationship with a boyfriend living in a bedsitter, once I give her a lift in a range rover sport 2019, then I ask her 'have you had lunch' then I take 10 thousand cash then tell her go and have some lunch then tell her you can call me anytime if you need something. Look for me so you go make your nails and those shoes, pass by the shop." Obinna explained.


He went on to say that the lady will be looking at her boyfriend as though he is useless.

"She doesn't want to but that's how the economy is set up," he added

Kamene for her part said,


"Personally it's not about the finances, there's so much more to love than that."

In a past conversation On The Morning Kiss, Obinna explained why he doesn't give women money;

"Kamene I am not giving you money, I do not give women money. Most men go broke because of giving the wrong women money.

Someone sent me 20k and now Kamene  wants me to send her 5k but I’ll only send 1k at most 1500."

Asked who he considers the right woman to give cash to, Obinna responded, "My mum, first lady, and your baby mamas so that you can keep them away. Stop giving women money.

You go to an event and you are surrounded by 7 women, they all want to take shots and each shot is Ksh 400. The truth is that they won't take one round, so you do the math."