Moshe Ndiki
South African TV presenter Moshe Ndiki
Image: Instagram

South African media personality Moshe Ndiki has left people in shock after he held a lavish funeral for his dog, Sugar Ndiki.

In the funeral service, the TV star splashed money on the white decor and invited close friends and family, who turned up and mourned with Moshe.

The decor included white balloons, white candles, white roses, and colourless chairs. 


Photos showed that there was food for the guest as even some of them were seen crying for the departed pet.

Sharing videos from the funeral service, Moshe wrote;

"Beautiful and amazing send-off for my baby. Thank you @nono_events 🥹♥️Thank you @wmajaliThank you @khanyamkuhluThank you to everyone that sent condolences, attended the funeral, and sent us heartwarming messages, you’re truly appreciated, thank you to my friends and family for understanding my pain and how much I loved my pup, @sugarndiki always and forever ♥️."


A post on the dog's social media page on June 18th, it showed that the dog died weeks before the funeral service that was held this week.

"I’ve been going through the most the past 2 days, trying to put it aside just for me to work and we’ll just work and saying to myself I’ll grieve on Sunday. Baby I love you you so much much @sugarndiki, I love you and hope the other side treats you well, glad to have loved you, known you, and been your dad and mom ♥️So many many memories, you’ve been my 1st born and what a putty you couldn’t meet your sibling, I’m shattered and I’m asking myself ndiyintoni ngaphandle kwakho. Sugar, I love you sana lwam ♥️Funeral and proper arrangements will be made soon."

Moshe Ndiki's late dog Sugar Ndiki
Moshe Ndiki's late dog Sugar Ndiki

In an interview with Drum, the TV star said he had the dog for five years, hence the attachment.

"He passed away almost a week ago after being bitten by a pitbull. I decided to have a lavish funeral, why not? People do it for their loved ones, their kids, and their parents and why can't I do it for my pet? He was a constant in my life. I loved him. I don't see a reason why not and I don't see anything wrong."

He went on to slam those who said he was misusing money;

"People are people and it's in their nature to talk and to react to things they are not familiar with. I have never been to a dog funeral, it was my first time attending and organizing one. But it is not about critics. People like to set a certain standard for using their own standards."

So, will he get another pet?

"I don't know if I would get another puppy. It's still too soon. I'm not opposed to it but it would be weird naming another puppy Sugar. But for now, I just want to grieve."

Check out fans' condolences;

Chef_nti: So sorry for you loss Moshe!

Brendamtambo: Sorry baby , I didn’t even know

Tshepivundla: Beautiful send off ❤️

Tshegofatso_ashanti: People who’ve never owned dogs will not understand. RIP SUGAR

Robstic_daniella: I never had a dog or any pet animal so I probably don't understand why all this over a dog dying, yes you are mourning your dog how you see fit, but Moshe posting this splurge of money on a public platform is inconsiderate of the poor and the unemployed people who follows you

Zosha_Jobe: I’ve lost a dog and I know how real it feels ✨condolences Moshe

Khosi Ka Khumalo: Thank God I don’t have a dog. Kanti this is how we bury our dogs these days 😬😬😬😬😬😬 condolences to you and your loved ones 🥰

ms:sweetface: @moshendiki pls if you dnt know what to use your money for,,, hit my dm.... I'm a poor single mum and would appreciate your financial assistance

Nomthama: My sincere condolences!!! I know how it feels to have a pet that you love so dearly…

Achagal: Haaibo!!! My condolences to your dog hle may it rest peacefully I diddnt know funerals are held for dogs it's a first time seeing it your a groundbreaker Moshe, so sorry about your sugar you really loved your dog judging by the funeral setup