at a past event
Gospel musician Bahati at a past event
Image: Moses Mwangi

Aspiring Mathare Member of Parliament Bahati Kelvin Kioko alias Bahati o made the headlines on Wednesday after he allegedly declined a 50 million shillings offer.

He alleged that this was an offer brought his way to make him step down from the race.

“Yes, a lot of people have approached me with a good sum of money to step down from the race; I have been offered millions, even 50 million to step down by my opponents,” he alleged

Bahati said he did not need a job as his music career is doing well

"I was soothed so that I can step down from the race, in the promise of a job, but I told these people I was not looking for a job,,"  he said

“I am not vying because I don’t have a job, you guys know my songs are doing well, not only in Kenya but also internationally,” the former gospel sensation added.

Obinna and Kamene were ready to inspect the guard of honor “The way the economy is set, and MCSK giving us 2,500 shillings, no shows except on YouTube, when is the last time Bahati did a show? There is no money basically,” Obinna said in disbelief

“If I was vying for MCA and someone came to me with five million, that would be the last day they see me,” he said teasingly.

“If Diana hears that Bahati was given 50 million and he declined, she would chase him out of that house,” the morning show presenter added.

“I smell a rat somewhere, is it true or political jokes?” Kamene examined.

Disturbed netizens had their concerns too;

Lang K: 50 M? It’s very hard not to be corrupt in this country

Ke-otic: Eyes on the price manze, fifty is just a piece of cake men want the whole cake!

Unpaid deposit: Lies, deceit, and swindler: these three go together with the born-again, pastors, and gospel characters.

Isaac Morko: Who lied to this boy: you can't be a handout politician. Provide evidence achakelele tu