Lillian Muli
TV Personality Lillian Muli
Image: Instagram

Life is tough darling! So are you. This is one of Lillian Muli's quotes from social media.

Forget the controversy, Lillian Muli has been serving her fans with motivational quotes every now and then.

Without a doubt, Muli is one of the most sought-after media personalities in Kenya with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.


Check out some of our favourite Lillian Muli quotes;

1. Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

2. Walk away are the prize


3. Do not be that person that makes excuses for people who treat you like a lesser being. Do good and be good to people and expect the same from them. If they fall short of that cut them off unapologetically and don't look back. In this life I have learnt that wearing your heart on your sleeve will leave you with mental clutter that you can avoid.

4. Life is a desert of shifting sand Dunes. The magic of the desert is hard to define

5. I know the perfect place to run to. A place that is empty of people, and buildings, and far, far away. A place covered in white sand and sleeping life. A place longing to come alive again. It's a place for disappearing, a place for getting lost... and for getting found. I went there

6. I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me… now I look around and wonder if I like them. My musings Today...don't try too hard for people to like you most of them don't even like themselves.

7. A lily never pretends, and its beauty is that it is what it is.

8. Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.

9. Serious people make a decision to read your full story before they write you off. Don't worry about those who don't have time to know you.

10. It is easier to make a camel jump a ditch than to make a fool listen to reason.