Nduru man
Nduru man
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Kenyan Tiktoker Nduru man real name Ian Asunya says his baby's mother left him once she gave birth.

Nduru explained that his baby mama's parents had planned a marriage between her and a Dubai-based man. He claimed that he was left as he is broke.

"I have a passport which I acquired when I wanted to follow her there. Her number is always off. I looked for her every place I knew I could trace her but I did not manage to get her."

Nduru says he is a single father but not interested in a relationship at the moment as he would like to see his child grow first.

The tiktoker made headlines after being seen screaming on the streets. He caught people's attention when he shouted at a police station.

Recently, Nduru man narrated his ordeal after he shouted outside State House.

He explained his frightening experience with the State House cops.

"I am that person when I meet people in town, they are like, this is the Nduru guy, come 'utupigie nduru'. It's trouble being known in this town," he said adding that most of his content is not scripted.

"It is not scripted. I do deliveries in town and so on that day, I was sent to those areas, around State House. I decided to record a video without checking if there were police officers around. After that video, they arrested me,"he said.

He was released after the cops saw his good conduct certificate.

"The cops took me aside and lectured me. I had a good conduct certificate with me since I walk around with it. I know I can take my comedy anywhere. They were shocked that I was so confident and some even thought I used drugs."

Nduru Man also said the cops deleted the video but he managed to hard recover it on his phone, hence the reason why you all got to see the video of the incident on his social media.

"They took my identity card and I was afraid to go back and get it. I naturally do my videos and I don't fear. I have confidence and I believe in destiny," he said.

Nduru man's day job is as a deliveryman and on that day, he had just come from his job.

He said he started creating content in February this year and has garnered a huge number of followers on Tiktok and YouTube.

"I don't script my videos. There are police officers who love my craft and there are those who are afraid. They love it so much."

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