and her fiance Billnass
Singer Nandy and her fiance Billnass

Tanzanian singer Nandy is pregnant for her first child. In a recent interview, Nandy said she wished to get a child while married.

"I wanted to have my child inside my marriage but God has granted me pregnancy just before the wedding but I will get into the marriage with this pregnancy' and give birth to the child while in marriage."

Nandy and her fiance Billnas had planned for the wedding way before she got pregnant.

"All our plans were underway even before we knew we were expecting, so we could not stop the wedding. It does not hold me. I wished to have a baby in my marriage and God gave me a pregnancy before we officially get married and I am grateful."

On how she knew she was pregnant, Nandy says her fiancĂ© was the one who noticed because of her change in attitude. 

"He told his mother about it and she told him it could be pregnancy. He asked me when my last time was when I got my periods. We tested and found out I was pregnant. He was very happy."

For a long time, Nandy had tried to hide the pregnancy.

"I wanted to hide it but now I am not It feels bad to tell the media, I am not pregnant yet I'm very happy that I am expectant."

"I think we wanted to reveal the pregnancy and my project. Despite all these things, I still remain to be an artiste and life has to go on. I can't keep hiding the pregnancy all the time,"

"Pregnancy is a blessing and with our jobs, I could no longer hide since jobs still need me. I hate every time I am doing an interview and deny my baby. I used to feel bad while lying that I am not pregnant."

Over the weekend she threw a kitchen party which brought together her family and close friends.