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Famed for his hit single 'Maserati,' Nigerian star Olakira has released a new single 'Polongo.'

The three-minute track gives an amazing experience all through its spin. The track wwas written and produced by Olakira.

“Polongo” — an Afro-Pop sound that gives reference to the beauty of African dance and also sets the mood for a blissful connection with your partner.

With his fame growing and Maserati and other tracks still topping charts globally, Olakira is set to release a new project in the coming months which promises to be true to his Afrobeats vibe.

Signed to U and I Music, Olakira is tagged to be one of the fastest growing ambassadors of the globally acclaimed afrobeats genre.

A few months ago, Olakira landed a global endorsement deal with vehicle manufacturer, Maserati.

As part of the deal, the superstar was promised access to Maserati Luxury Cars in any country he visits. This was the first time the Maserati brand is going into collaboration with an African artist.