and her fiance Billnass
Singer Nandy and her fiance Billnass

Tanzanian singer Nandy is expected to walk down the aisle on Saturday 16th at a church in Dar Es Salaam.

Speaking to this writer on Instagram Live, Nandy said "My wedding is this coming weekend. I have invited every celebrity."

Before this wedding, Nandy has been doing different celebrations. She explained what was required of her before walking down the aisle.

"Last week, I had a ceremony that was planned by my friends, it is part of the wedding and it involved my friends and my family to just come and celebrate me," she said.

"The last ceremony will be a sendoff that will be on Thursday 14th. My lovers' family will be coming to my home to pick me. And then, I will get married on Saturday, the 16th of July."

Her send off party was a purple themed party and was a celebrity packed event.

"The pressure is always there for anyone planning a wedding but I appreciate Billnass's family and mine for they are super supporting. The pressure is there but the main thing is to have a successful wedding," she said.

Nandy said her guests were one thousand people but was still thinking of reducing them to about seven hundred.

She and her fiancé Billnass are expecting their first child. Nandy said she didn't want to give birth to the child out of wedlock. She added that she did not rush the wedding as it was in their plans even before she got pregnant.

"The pregnancy came as an extra blessing. All our plans were underway even before the pregnancy so we could not stop the wedding. It does not hold me. I wished to have a baby in my marriage and God gave me a pregnancy before we officially get married and I am grateful," she said.

"I am ready for marriage but also, I am afraid of so many things in marriage but the greatest thing we have been told is about being patient with each other," she said.

"God will help me to practice patience in my marriage."

"I think we wanted to reveal the pregnancy and my project. Despite all these things, I still remain to be an artist and life has to go on. I can't keep on hiding the pregnancy all the time," she said.

"Pregnancy is a blessing and as you know, there are so many people who are struggling to look forward to being parents. We pray for all of them. With our jobs, I could no longer hide since jobs still need me. I hate every time I am doing an interview and deny my baby. I used to feel bad while lying that I am not pregnant."