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Singer Rayvanny is dating Paula Kajala, the daughter to actress Fridah Kajala who is currently dating Harmonize.

Paula's father is Tanzanian legendary producer PFunk Majani.

In a recent interview with Tanzanian press, Majani revealed that he and Kajala don't talk, alleging that she is toxic.


"The mother is toxic. I have been in my current marriage for eight years but we have been together for 12. My wife bore me three kids. If someone is dramatic, you avoid them."

Majani added that the reason they don't talk is that Paula is now over 18 years old and able to make her decisions.   

"Paula is young and she has the opportunity to change her behavior. We don't talk because Paula is a grown-up now."

Majani however wished Kajala a happy birthday.

"Follow your heart and do whatever you do with your whole heart."

Majani says he has a good relationship with his daughter Paula as she has become mature. 

He initially didn't want her to get into social media but the mother introduced her to it.

"I don't like my kids having social media, I couldn't avoid it for Paula because she was with her mother.  That's in the past now and she has now known how to control social media because it has beaten her several times."

Majani said that Diamond Platnumz was taking too much money from his signees like Rayvanny.

"We need to have fair play. You shouldn't take too much cut from our artistes. Don't do business to demean your signees. They take too much and the artistes take small money from their work."

"We need to be fair in every sector, let's also understand our rights. We need people to get the opportunity to grow and not be demeaned." 

"For us, percentages are very fair, the artistes take 70 percent while we take the remaining 30, remember that management, videos, transport are in there."

Adding "People get into the industry with a lot of energy and are given bad contracts and then feel demotivated."