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A Tanzanian gospel singer Enock Jonas of the hit song 'Wema Wa Mungu/Zunguka' has complained to Tanzanian authorities that WCB singer Zuchu sampled his song in her latest track 'Kwi kwi' 

Jonas says the melody and part of the lyrics were taken without his consent.

Jonas is demanding a whooping 500 million Tanzanian shillings which is equivalent to Ksh  25.9 million.

Speaking to Simulizi Na Sauti, WCB manager Babu Tale said Jonas wasn't even going to get five million Tanzanian shillings.

'No, there isn't anywhere she sampled, the word 'Zunguka' is a well known word. If the music copyright will say that the word 'Zunguka' is that man's word, then he'll get what he deserves.  But if otherwise, then he won't get any right to it. "

Adding "It will end legally."

A representative of one of the music federation in Tanzania asked the two artistes to settle the case in the next seven days, if not, the two would have to go to court.

"I reached out to the WCB lawyer and said he didn't see any infringement in the song. I asked him to listen to the beat and the lyrics. Both of them have the right and I think they need to sit down as artiste in the next seven days otherwise they have to go to court and one of them will win."

So, is it fair to ask for 500 million Tanzanian shillings?

"It is okay. Because he's the one who knows the damages. Jonas is saying that his fans have crushed the CDs and binned flash discs that contain his songs because he's allowed his gospel song to be taken to secular. He says that has jeopardized his career because people are going against him."

Zuchu's Kwi Kwi is a dance video on YouTube with over five million views on the platform.