Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars

Vanessa Mdee's sister Mimi Mars has denied dating Marioo just months after the two had seemed to confirmed that they are dating.

Speaking to journalists in Tanzania, Mars said singer Marioo will never be her lover.

"Shemeji yenu sio Marioo na hatakua, na hawezi kuaja kua. Akitokea nitawaambia kwa sasa hivi nipo single." (Your in-law is not Marioo, he has never been and he will never come to be)

She insisted "Mpenzi wangu sio Marioo," (My lover is not Marioo)

Mars friendzoned him saying she is single as she gave qualities of a man she would love to get into a relationship with.

"I look for someone who is respectful, has time with me, looks into my feelings first, loves God and one that is humane."

"He is my close friend. We will be destroying our relationship as friends and even our business relationship." 

Mars said she was not going to be in a relationship with a musician

"For me it will be a little bit hard."

Marioo said he was hurt when Mimi Mars' video went viral of her swimming at Diamond's mansion.

"Yapo mengi ila nilivyoonanga ile clip video ya rafiki yangu wa kike anaogelea kwenye pool la bro ilinigusa nayo ile. (There's a lot that has hurt me but that clip of my female friend swimming together with my bro hurt me)"

Responding to Marioo, Mimi Mars said;

"Those with eyes have seen and those with ears have heard. Those people who know me, understand what is happening. Me being with Diamond is something that cannot happen,"