Willis Raburu.
Image: Instagram

Willis Raburu and his wife Ivy Namu have for the first time reveal the face of their daughter Yara. 

Yara is now three months old and the two shared a similar Instagram post on both their pages that read;

"Season’s greetings from the littlest Raburu, our sweet baby Yara 🥹😘All of God’s grace in one tiny face 🥰She was 7 weeks old here; now she’s 3 months old cute & chubby as ever; our hearts are full ❤️."

Announcing the arrival of their daughter, Raburu described her as beautiful.

"My daughter is finally here, safe & sound. She's beautiful & God is so good."

Mid this year, Raburu engaged Namu, who in response said she would choose him again and again.

"A thousand times yes, in this lifetime and the next together." She wrote

Raburu and Ivy share two kids. Raburu lost his first born Adana whom he sired with his first wife Mary prude.